Complete MLM Review - Jerky Direct

Yes, there's an MLM network marketing opportunity for those that wish to eat: Jerky Direct. you'll not be conversant in this Idaho based meat snacks company, or their easy-to-understand business model, but this easy network marketing is taking the MLM industry by storm.

Distributors with this MLM network marketing opportunity get two bags of jerky monthly for $12. Shipping may be a flat $1.97 for a complete out-of-pocket expense of $13.97. Compare that to other MLM companies whose monthly autoshipment requirements are in more than $150. an equivalent jerky, sold under a special label, retails in Whole Foods for $7 a bag, therefore the value of the merchandise is obvious .

Each distributor gets a free website with their monthly autoship order. This website acts as a landing page for those curious about learning more about the network marketing opportunity, also as a store front for those looking to get jerky.

Distributors can earn income in 3 ways with Jerky Direct.

1. Sell Jerky Offline

Distributors have the power to shop for jerky at the wholesale price of roughly $3.50 a bag in cases and resell it at local events. Distributors can set their own prices for the jerky. Suggested retail value is $6 a bag.

2. Direct Customers to Website

Distributors are given a completely free Jerky Direct website once they join. When customers order off a distributor's Jerky Direct website, the corporate will dropship product to them and send the distributor a check for 20% commission.

3. check in Distributors

Those that help others join Jerky Direct will receive monthly compensation supported the merchandise that they order which they sell. Distributors earn:

· Monthly commission from their distributors' autoship orders

· A 5% bonus on all wholesale orders their distributors place

· A 5% bonus on all orders made on their distributors' websites

The Payout Scale
Jerky Direct may be a 7-level payout. What meaning is that distributors receive compensation from the monthly autoshipments of all those they enroll, and every one those they enroll and every one those they enroll, etc, through 7-levels total.

Here is that the payout scale on the Jerky Direct comp plan:

Level 1: $2

Level 2: $0.25

Level 3: $0.25

Level 4: $1

Level 5: $0.25

Level 6: $0.25

Level 7: $1

Now, 1 / 4 won't appear to be tons of cash , but it adds up as a team grows. It only takes 6 people for a distributor to urge their monthly purchase for free of charge .

What is Autoship?

In order to stay a lively distributor and earn commissions, distributors got to choose a kind of jerky for his or her autoship program. This basically means distributors are automatically sent the jerky flavor of their choice monthly . All profitable network marketing companies use an autoship program, which is basically how long-term, residual income is formed . It costs a complete of $13.97 for 2 bags of jerky, including shipping, monthly .

Believe it or not, but that just about sums up the Jerky Direct MLM network marketing opportunity. it's straightforward, to the purpose , without a bunch of complicated qualifications or hoops to leap through. This makes it a simple program to market , but more importantly, a simple program to elucidate .



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