Expert Author Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD
Warren Buffet speaks about the Law of Gestation, the amount of time required from planting the seed to reaping the harvest, with regard to creating wealth (Abundance). It is well known that the gestation period for a human is approximately nine months. The longest gestation period for a mammal is a minimum of 660 days (22 months - two months less than two years) and a maximum of 760 days (25 months - one month past two years) for the African elephant. The shortest gestation period for a mammal--12 - 13 days--is shared by three marsupials - the American or Virginian opossum, the water opossum or yapol of central and northern South America, and the eastern native cat of Australia.
There is an amount of time required for the gestation for all living things, plants, creatures, reptiles, fish and mammals. Based on Universal Laws there is no amount of pushing that will shorten this gestation time. Likewise, there is a gestation period for everything that transpires in the universe. One needs to understand and honor this gestation period.
Universal Laws explain that everything is inter-related and are founded on the understanding that everything in the universe is energy, including humans. Energy moves in a circular motion. At the microscopic level, every thing is a whirling mass of electrons and energy atoms spinning rapidly.
Most people start a project and give up before the project has come to fruition. Their mind-set is based on ego instant gratification, rather than the Universal Law of Attraction and Cause and Effect. They pull up the roots looking for the fruit when the seeds have been given little time to grow into the beautiful thing that it could be.
Buffet states that honoring the amount of time required to bring one's desires to fruition is the best thing, because, it gives one the opportunity to see one's efforts (Cause and Effect) in motion. Thus, one has stretched from one's comfort zone, while learning and growing along with the project. Thus, you reap the benefit of learning and growing while creating what you desire-two rewards for the price of one gestation period.
If you are someone who seeks quick gratification, then, you need to learn to develop patience and perseverance. When you plant your seeds of ideas or projects, give it time to gestate. Keep nurturing it. Water it with more ideas for success. Dig deep into the heart and soul of becoming and nurturing your ideas to fruition.
Buffet stated some things, no matter how great your talent or effort, take time. You do not dictate how quickly something will come to fruition. Buffet quipped, "You can't produce a baby in one month by nine women becoming pregnant."


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