Expert Author Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD
Your ability to be benevolent to others in assisting them to meet their goals grows exponentially when you extend yourself after you have taken care of your needs. It is difficult to extend yourself if you are exhausted or feel overwhelmed by the number of obligations still left on your to-do list.
Benevolence characterizes the true goodness of the mind and spirit, the unbiased kindness to do good. It confers thought and regard for the welfare of other people, and finds expression in sympathy and kindly gentleness and compassion, with charitableness and kindness. It is the expression of agape love (Greek--unconditional love). Source: Wikipedia encyclopedia
If you wish to support family, friends, colleagues or neighbors you need to first learn to support yourself by paying particular attention to your physical, emotional and spiritual health.
When you have cultivated inner peace within yourself and feel empowered, you will have emotional strength and energy reserves to manage the endeavors you wish to extend to others. Ultimately, you are available to help others because you devoted adequate resources to self care. The efforts you undertake on behalf of others will be sustained by your commitment to your wellbeing.
When you give to yourself first, your benevolence is enjoyable and rewarding. The altruism that exists in your heart can have a strong impact on your intentions, however, thus, causing you to put aside concerns related to the betterment of the self so that you can help people in need achieve their fullest potential. Your ability to support others in their endeavors will heightened when you devote some of your time to the maintenance of your health and wellbeing. The better you feel, the more energy you can channel into benevolent pursuits that make the world a better place to live.


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